Girls of today, Women of tomorrow

My Doll & Me is a new concept, setting back the trend of playing with dolls, encouraging girls to use their imagination and communicate with each other.

Our goal is to prevent girls from growing up too fast and encouraging them to enjoy that fleeting period of childhood.

At My Doll & Me, we believe that whatever you invest in girls today you reap in better women tomorrow. That’s why our dolls carry many positive and empowering messages away from nowadays stereotypical images.

My Doll & Me ensures that the message conveyed to the girls, is that of empowerment, inner beauty and culture awareness.


My Doll & Me is looking to empower the girls through exposing them to many cultures, historical eras and women icons, by breaking the conventional gender stereotype and widening up their array of future options.

Why can’t a girl be a heroin?

Do girls need to be a nurse, a teacher or a ballet dancer when they grow up?

By offering the new girls generation, dolls with empowering messages, such as a Pilot or a Game Designer doll, and by exposing them to strong female role models My Doll & Me would be fulfilling its vision.